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How to create own Jobs/Missions


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Hey Guys,


I´m new to RageMP but I´m a fulltime developer in c# (I can do a little bit lua too, but the language is not the point ;) )


I want to create a Server and already have some basic Stuff like a Money System etc. But now if I play with friends you want to earn some Cash :) So how can I create own Missions ? For the beginning its enough to just create a Mission where u must steal a spawned car and bring it to point x. But I dont have any Idea how to start, does someone knows more ?


Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany :)



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I hope you have the best improvement in RAGE MP Development,

I just can say you can use Blips , Markers , InteriorsAndLocations , Vehicle and Especially Sounds to make your progress fun and they are very helpful (Bold Texts are Hyper link, Click on 'em)

after that, It depends on you to how make your own job, Arrange step by step your idea about one job like chopshop or something like that, think more about it and finally convert it to code, I suggest you to make postal,Trucker, Chopshop(the simple one :D) or any courier job with using ColShapes or Checkpoints, Search for codes more about operations like freeze vehicle/player, Events, Functions everything you wanna use.


as I said before you have to use your own idea and depends on you my friend :D

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