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recently I see a problem in ragemp app, when I open rage:mp app then the server list always appears as ordered by how many players are currently playing which means if your server has more active players then your server will appear on the top of the list. don't u guys think it's an injustice for new servers? in my opinion, the list should be random and add some filters in the ragemp app to make the app more easy to use.

sorry for my english.

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People generally want to be playing on a server with more players, which is why the default of sorting by players is set. Second preference would be sorting by ping for those who want the best possible connection. I don't believe a random list will help as nobody would want to scroll through hundreds of servers, they'll end up using one of these filters anyway. Being at the bottom hasn't stopped new servers coming and taking over at the top, you just need to get your server out there and promote it.

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in my opinion the main list should be random add some filters like (GM, language, hide full, hide empty. let the player decide where they want to play) and make a new tab called hosted tab or any other name and make it a paid tab so the server owner have to pay to put their server on hosted tab list same as sa-mp. but main master list should be random.

thank you.

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Ah good point OP.

I come from the SA-MP days where servers would randomly appear in the client as they were pinged and information was retrieved. 1 by 1.

We could also neatly filter by gamemode, "not empty", "not full" and even search by "name". The discoverability of new servers were often done by accident.

I do think as a growing platform, rage:mp should definitely look into ways of removing that barrier for new servers. Opposed to what Pancakers says above - while i do agree that servers with players are more luxury - I would argue that these servers have a natural way of sustaining the competition, when they already have players. Right? So, sorting them on top does not only allow them to take up more visibility, but also self-boost their viisbility on the master list.

So, a good way to solve this is to have a randomly populated list, with the needed filters in place to let the end user find what they want to play. This way I believe new servers can have a tiny bit of leverage to live of, when they are trying to establish new modes and new features.
Of course, I respect there are separate opinions here, but in this case, I take the perspective of the one who is trying to establish a new community.

Great point @Shourya90 🙏

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