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[ENG] [TEXT] Classic Roleplay - GTA SA Map - Public Test Server


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The aim of Classic Roleplay is to recreate the old school SAMP text roleplay experience. We are sad at the prospect of SAMP dying along with many great servers such as Los Santos Roleplay, Red County Roleplay, and Next Generation Gaming and want to do our part to help keep the spirit of SAMP alive. The server is based on the original Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas map, including Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas.

There is no voice chat available in Classic Roleplay, which allows you to fully immersive yourself in the ultimate old school text roleplay experience.

All features on Classic Roleplay are made with love and handcrafted especially for you. Your feedback is an invaluable part of the development lifecycle.


Login screen

Welcome home


Grove Street. Home. At least it was before I fucked everythang up.


The Los Santos skyline from the projects.


The Well Stacked Pizza Co.


Las Venturas from a distance.


The desert airfield.


San Fierro featuring Scotland's iconic Forth Rail Bridge.


There's snow in Los Santos.


A spooky view of the Golden Gate Bridge.


A dull and grey Alhambra that needs you to bring it back to life.


The GTA SA map.


The classic HUD of GTA SA


A newly customised character arriving in Los Santos


A screen from the character customiser

Dealership menu

Buy yourself a new whip

Pay 'n' Spray

Customize your new whip


Get your hair done


The classic Ammu-Nation


Hang out by the church


Could this be part of your hood?


This is a call to arms to all SAMP players, new and old. Are you sad at the prospect of SAMP dying along with many of the great servers? Do you want to help keep the spirit alive? Then come on in and get in early for a project that could turn out to be something truly special.

There's still much to be decided and we can't do it without your input - join our Discord via the link below, check us out and tag along for the journey in us hopefully becoming something enjoyable.



Website: https://classicrp.net
Discord: https://discord.gg/uxReyEp2k6

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More progress has been made and with each day we're getting closer to sharing Classic Roleplay with everybody. It shouldn't be long before we can open up the test server for more people.


Talking Animations



SAMP Style Chat



Taxi Job



Pizza Job



Join Us

Would love to see you as part of the community.

Website: https://classicrp.net
Forum: https://forum.classicrp.net 
Discord: https://discord.gg/vyNbUnETGY

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After a break from the project, development is once again underway for Classic Roleplay!


Classic Roleplay is currently looking for people to help with development in various roles:

- Developer (ideally with experience in any or all of: C#, ASP.NET, TypeScript, React)
- Mapper (ideally with experience in CodeWalker, 3DS Max, or similar)
- Graphics artist (for designing logos and other artwork)

Come on in if you're interested in helping out or would just like to follow the development of the project.


Discord: https://discord.gg/AWNkUjvb8Y

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  • NotStaff changed the title to [ENG] [TEXT] Classic Roleplay - GTA SA Map - Public Test Server


We made the decision to make the test server available to everyone. This is a very early state of Classic Roleplay, so you will find bugs and snags and also discover that there are still many important features to be implemented.

Your feedback is important to us, so we'd love for you to join and tell us what you think. 

Join Classic Roleplay



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