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Found 3 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is a public release of the object editor used on the Mafia City Roleplay server. Usage client-side: let obj =, new mp.Vector3(position.x, position.y, position.z));'objecteditor:start',;'objecteditor:finish', (objId, pos, rot) => { if( == objId) { // send pos and rot to server and save or do whatever. return; } }); Github Link:
  2. MiMIMi

    Simple MoneyHUD

    Version 1.0.0


    What is this? This is a simple money HUD for rage It is easy to add and use in your existing application or a new one! It is very similiar to SAMP's money HUD It contains nice animations on money adding/removing (Check the included GIF) How to install? Extract the MoneyHUD.js file in your client_packages and include it in your index.js require('./MoneyHUD.js'); Note This was created in version 0.3.7 How to use? Call event moneyhud:set on player initialization/connect to initialize player's starting money - Example: client.TriggerEvent("moneyhud:set", 5000); Call event moneyhud:add to add money to the HUD - Example: client.TriggerEvent("moneyhud:add", 1500); Call event moneyhud:remove to remove money from the HUD - Example: client.TriggerEvent("moneyhud:remove", 1500); Extra settings You can change the MINIMUM_LENGTH constant to determine how long should the money HUD be by minimum
  3. Is it possible to integrate the server password system from SAMP that's very much needed, especially for private servers. This system can help prevent unauthorized users from downloading server files by instantly rejecting connection if the login was incorrect. It'll function pretty much the same way, login username and password can be defined in the server configuration file. The option to input the username and password would be alongside the server address in Direct Connect. Alternatively, have a Favorites tab where players can save the address of their preferred servers.