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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am trying to create a job in which player will have to move the pallet from one place to another using forklift. When I spawn the pallet I can't move it with the forklift (pallet doesn't move and just breaks). I use this command: NAPI.Object.CreateObject(757019157, position, rotation); Do I have to add some physics to an object to make it fall or something?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a public release of the object editor used on the Mafia City Roleplay server. Usage client-side: let obj = mp.objects.new(mp.game.joaat(model), new mp.Vector3(position.x, position.y, position.z)); mp.events.call('objecteditor:start', obj.id); mp.events.add('objecteditor:finish', (objId, pos, rot) => { if(obj.id == objId) { // send pos and rot to server and save or do whatever. return; } }); Github Link: https://github.com/Ahmad45123/ragemp-objecteditor
  3. Hi, I created an object and i want trigger event when player is clicking at this entity. Here is my code: Server side: wheelObject = mp.objects.new(mp.joaat('prop_spraygun_01'), wheelPosition, { rotation: 283.08, alpha: 255, dimension: player.dimension }); ClientSIde: mp.events.add('click', (x, y, upOrDown, leftOrRight, relativeX, relativeY, worldPosition, hitEntity) => { mp.gui.cursor.show(false, true); const cursorPosition = new mp.Vector3(x, y, 0); const objectPosition = new mp.Vector3(766.928, -844.155, 0); //position of wheelObject const result = mp.raycasting.testCapsule(cursorPosition, objectPosition, 10, localPlayer, 16); if(result != undefined) mp.gui.chat.push("Entity:" + result.entity); }); result.entity return number, but it is not the same value like have the hash of 'wheelObject'. What function should I use to get hash of entity clicked by player?
  4. Hello, It is embarassed that I can't only search the ID of the OBJ in the objectdb but name. How can I find objects by their ID? or can you give me the obj's picture,ID:481432069 Sorry for my poor English
  5. Здравствуйте, друзья. Подскажите, пожалуйста, как повернуть объект вокруг любой его оси после создания самого объекта. Интересует как серверная реализация (поворот на сервере), так и чисто клиентская (локальная). Например, я создаю объект на клиенте, локально: const obj = mp.objects.new( mp.game.joaat( 'gr_prop_gr_target_02a' ), new mp.Vector3( 0, 0, 0 ), { rotation: new mp.Vector3( 0, 0, 0 ), alpha: 255, dimension: 0 }); Это объект "мишень". Скажем, по кнопке "K" я хотел бы повернуть этот объект по вертикальной оси (ось Z) на 90 градусов. mp.keys.bind(0x4B, true, function() { obj... // код поворота объекта }); На сколько я понял, у объекта "obj" нет свойств rotation, heading и др. Буду очень признателен за подсказку решения проблемы.
  6. Hi! I have created an online gallery of objects. Enjoy! http://gtan.codeshock.hu/objects
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