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What is Saints.MP?

Saints.MP is a fun-focused minigames server. We plan to start small and build our way up, potentially expanding into different servers to try and bring some fun into Rage. We feel that by running this community properly, and behind a regulated company, that we can be transparent and inclusive to everyone that chooses to join.


What minigames can I play?

There are several minigames already working, including Team Deathmatch, Pursuits and we are working on Bomb and Battle Royale. These 4 minigames will be available on release but our infrastructure is set up so that we can easily add more minigames in the future. We need your suggestions on what we should work on post-release! For example, we were thinking a Gun Game would be the first update.




  • Pursuits is our police-chase minigame. It has several variations which affect the start. For example, one variation may be a situation where the criminals are pulled over with 1 car behind and the rest scattered. Another may be the criminals in a store with their vehicle outside. The criminals will be revealed to the cops at staggered intervals - they know when they are being tracked. Cops cannot damage criminals until the criminals have started firing first. They have several things to help them, such as being able to show their own blips for backup, deploy spike strips, use tasers and more!
  • Battle Royale is our last man standing minigame. Players drop in from a military plane into a shrinking zone which encases the playing field, leaving this area will damage you. You start this minigame without weapons and must scavenge loot from boxes to survive while being pushed to the middle. Items are dropped when a player dies. Find or take rare loot to help you be the last one standing!
  • Bomb is our take on a Siege/CSGO minigame which has one team defending a bomb site and another breaching and attempting to defuse it. In this minigame, each player only has one life. The minigame ends after either all players in one team are dead, the timer expires or the bomb is defused. There are several maps/variations of this minigame to spice it up.
  • Team Deathmatch is our simplest minigame and the objective is to score the most points on your team before the timer expires. The number of teams in the game is dependent on how many players there are, so it is not always just 2 teams! There are also several maps to keep it interesting.
  • And lots more... we plan to release so much more. Our framework and skeleton is built to be expanded upon. For a sneak peak, we have Gun-game, VIP, Bedwars, SWAT Breaches and others discussed and ready to be implemented onto the server post-launch.


Power to the People

We have a great lobby management system which allows any player to create their own lobby. There are settings here to disable/enable certain minigames, set private lobbies, disable round modifiers and more. The default lobby will have basic settings which administrators can manage, with all minigames enabled. Custom lobbies gives power to players who only want to play one or a specific set of minigames.


Progression and Questing

A progression system exists to have a goal to reach. You can unlock new weapons, attachments, apparel and vehicle modifications. We are trying to make this system balanced to allow new players to catch up, but also give regular players a reason to reach goals. Quests exist to give boosts to XP and show off to your friends, as you can see which quests your friends have completed.


When do you Release?

We are storming through development at the moment, but have a whole lot already programmed and ready to play. We have been working on this for a while behind the curtains and we hope for release before Christmas, with testing starting soon. You can be part of the testing process by joining the UCP/Discord and Forums below.


Where can I sign up?

We already have a working UCP created by @ Sparx . It will soon be iterated to have amazing features so you have full autonomy over your account and data. Saying that, go and sign up on https://saints.mp. This will grant you access to all of our servers and forums now and into the future.


Website: saints.mp

Forum: forum.saints.mp

Discord: discord.gg/wc3vACW

IP: Coming soon!

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