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Can't fly in or teleport to my interior.


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Good afternoon, I recently started mapping and ran into an unknown problem. I made an interior, uploaded it to the server, it only works if you enter it through the portal, if you try to teleport into it or fly into it using noclip, this will not work, the player will fall through the interior. Maybe someone can help me with this, call me or just explain what the problem is, I will be very grateful. I can send interior files if you are willing to help. I am attaching a video demonstrating the problem.(https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fHwgvg2nty1b81rKkCtVuGPytZ_NSxUp/view?usp=sharing)

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With which JS code are you loading the interior?


You must Request the interior IPL. I leave you an example:


function loadInt(x,y,z, ipl) { 
	var interior = mp.game.interior.getInteriorAtCoords(x,y,z); //pkt wo der spieler im interior spawnt
	mp.game.streaming.requestIpl('"'+ipl+'"'); // interior name(IPL)
mp.events.add('cInterior:loadInt', loadInt);


mp.events.addCommand('testint', (player, allText, x, y, z, iplNAME) => {

	let position = new mp.Vector3(parseFloat(x), parseFloat(y), parseFloat(z));
		player.position = position;
		player.call("cInterior:loadInt",[position.x, position.y, position.z, iplNAME]);

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