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roleplay [ENG] V:Life — Strict Text-Based Roleplay

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V:Life is an up-and-coming strict roleplay server based in the heart of Los Santos. We began developing the server on the 21st of January this year with a team of 5 individuals working cohesively to pump out creative ideas, each individual specializing in their own particular field. The server’s features and systems draw a lot of inspiration from older-generation communities from both San Andreas Multiplayer and Multi Theft Auto to offer a lore-friendly environment to those migrating over.


Forums (COMING SOON!):


Rev0.01 - Released 7th February 2018
Release version 0.01 saw the basic foundations of the server compile together with the introduction of an Account System utilizing MongoDB to allow players to register an account and log in. Along with the Account System came the Chat System with basic commands for both player and staff, including staff-exclusive chats for their individual teams. Here’s how things are looking thus far:


Login Panel:


Registration Panel:


Death System:


We're always looking for testersdevelopers, and graphic designers. Interested? Feel free to contact us over Discord and let us know about your experience! We're looking forward to working with new people and developing a prosperous server together. 


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Psyched to get things launched and to meet some new faces on the way! If anyone has any questions relating to the project, the comments here are a great place for them as we'll be monitoring this thread - or feel free to message us on Discord.

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6 hours ago, Austin said:

for your own server?

Yeah, I can't wait to get things into place and meet new people along the way.

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We're still looking for Game Developers and Graphics Designers! For more information, go here: 


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