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Vehicles have Godmode?


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Hey there,

can somebody tell me what's wrong with vehicles? I spawned several vehicles and fired them with an RPG for about 10 Times and they are still driving and fully functional? Also with other weapons they don't seem to get down. If i drive them against walls they are taking damage.

Is there no default damage handler for weapons? Does it have to be created? Also first person camera pressing V on keyboard does not work?



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Eeeeehm. Okay but.. why? If somebody is shooting at a car so he can't befollowed e.g. that is not possible?

But thanks for the answer anyway :)


Edit: Yesterday we tested another thing. A buddy of me was flying a chopper. I shot him out and chopper went down but also finde without any damage. I think this is a strange, non realistic behaviour. Can you tell me about why you made the decision?

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On 03/03/2018 at 6:26 PM, MrCarter said:

It's the streamer. As the vehicle streams out and in again, the damage model is reset.

On this point, you will notice that vehicles that have exploded but not been destroyed, when restreamed, will re-explode again. This is expected behaviour, though.

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