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Looking for a developer


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We are a 3 Turkish friends working from Turkey.

Between 2018-2022, we owned a project that made its name well-known on the SA:MP platform. In 2022, due to the toxic environment on the SA:MP Turkey platform and the death of the SA:MP client, we decided to try our luck on GTA V. In December 2022, we started to develop mod for GTA V and RAGE platform, we were not satisfied with this mod and changed it many times.

About 5 months ago, our developer teammate left our team due to his personal life intensity. Instead of canceling the project, we decided to edit an out-of-box mod. Even if the translation and editing is 95% completed, our basic knowledge is not enough to change many systems in the mod.

So, we are looking for a developer who can work with us full-time. This is a long-term work.

Here are the requirements:

  • Worked on RAGE client before, knows and understands server-side / client-side terms.
  • Knows C# for server-side work.
  • Knows HTML, CSS, JS, Svelte for client-side work.

Here are some of our expectetions:

  • Knows, accepts and suits for team-work.
  • Able to meet deadlines.
  • Past experience in SA:MP or GTA V scripting is a plus.
  • Should only deal with development work, not with other issues such as server management, team management etc.

If you're looking to be part of a professional and huge community as a developer, and you believe you meet your requirements and expectations, please add me on discord: greathemera

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you dont accept friend requests. Add me on Discord: yourjohn


Already worked with another multiplayer modification and programmed a whole roleplay gamemode.

Also worked a lot with RageMP and was part of one of the biggest german servers as an senior developer in the past (gvmp.de) and wrote a whole gamemode from scratch after that (called Pixel Roleplay) and also worked on an english text-rp server in samp-style. 

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