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Rage Client Closes After Server Restart


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Hello everyone,

I've run into an issue with my rage client and I'm hoping someone here can shed some light on it.

Every time I restart my server (ragemp-server.exe), my rage client closes either instantly or within 5 seconds. What's puzzling is that when I initially log on to the server, everything runs smoothly and I can stay connected indefinitely. However, once I reboot the server, the client crashes.

Steps Tried:
1. Checked the Windows Event Viewer for relevant logs or errors.
2. Attempted to recreate the issue on both a remote server and a localhost server.
3. Reinstalled the Rage client.
4. Ensured I have the latest versions of both the Rage server and client.
5. Using only Windows Defender and made an exception on Disk "D" for the Rage client and server.

System Specs:
Windows 11

Has anyone encountered a similar issue or have any suggestions on how to resolve this? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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