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d3d11.dll is untrusted


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i tried installing QuantV (Graphics mod) for RageMP. In the process of doing so i needed to copy a few files into the RageMP folder (including the d3d11.dll).

When starting RageMP after installing QuantV ill get a message from EAC that 'd3d11.dll' is an untrusted file and the game stops starting up.


The question is if theres any workaround. I found some stuff for FiveM (something with LoadLibrary) wich is supposed to fix FiveM from blocking the .dll but for my problem i just cant seem to find any fix for RageMP (and i also have no clue what im doing) - but i know its somehow working for others.


Thanks in advance for anyone knowing this problem/how to fix it.



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It means that mods that use .DLL probably won't even work anymore. If you're talking about ENB:

+ move ENB's d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll into /clientdata/ folder to make it loadable; supported (currently whitelisted) versions:,,

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