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add .lua to RAGE MP

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On 23/03/2018 at 6:36 PM, Console said:

well there are maybe other better options, but i'm telling you LUA is what made FiveM so popular, and the first thing people did for GTA V when it came for pc is make lua scripts loader, if you do any research on top Multiplayers in GTA, they all support lua. and if it was added here it will push it to the next level,

[edit] i'm talking about Multiplayers like Vice City MP, San Andreas MP, and even GTA IV Multiplayer,. i don't think anyone who says LUA isn't good has any idea of what they are talking about and i'm not saying you have to, but you gotta have a good reason not to, because LUA is the way to go if you guys want to build a great MP not JS or C++ as i think, this debate has been for long since GTA VC and since then people prefer Multiplayers with lua support, and i think the developers should really consider that!

SA-MP didn't use lua and was big enough. and Js is the reason why i choose rage mp over others project. What make fivem so popular is the fact that it's one of the first and mainly used by streamers on twitch. If big streamers started to use rage, rage would take the same spot as fivem. They're much important things to do instead of adding lua compatibility 

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