D-Sync/Slow-Motion since the last Update

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I got some Sync problems since I downloaded the new 'Car FIX Updates' of RageMP (~2 Days ago) and after that, everything seems fine till I start to drive something or drive with someone.

When I drive:

  • Everyone is D-Syncing a bit for- and backwards + they are way slower than they actually are. 

When I drive with someone:

  • The car is D-Syncing for- and backwards and if he drives for like 10minutes, it takes for me ~15minutes to get there. I'm still driving, but way slower. 

Standing on the Street:

  • No problems, everything is totally fine

I can fix it sometimes by restarting the Game. 

It's very weird, someone else with a similar problem? I heard I am not the only one with that problem. 

Hope it's understandable, English isn't my main language :3

Greets from Germany - B. P.

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It might be caused by ping, mods and client-side (=desynchronized) influence over vehicle mechanics. Since it didn't happen previously, it shouldn't be actually caused by that update.

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