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Invincible when entering a Colshape


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Anyone knows how to make the player Invincible/godmode when entering a Colshape?

my code looks like this:

let someColShape = mp.colshapes.newRectangle(-1350, -1435, 10.7, 100);

function playerEnterColshapeHandler(player, shape) {
  if(shape == someColShape) {
	player.health = 100
	player.removeWeapon(736523883); // SMG
	player.removeWeapon(453432689); // PISTOL

mp.events.add("playerEnterColshape", playerEnterColshapeHandler);



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Remembering that the playerEnterColshape event is not a loop, that is, you only call set health 100 once, so he will only leave the player with 100 life when he enters the shape, and then he can suffer damage. Use setInvincible that Xabi has commented on, or you can loop in your player.health, which would not be cool.

Remembering that a correct area for your post would be here https://rage.mp/forums/forum/44-discussion/

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