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Graphic modifications in particular


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9 hours ago, Joshua said:

The issue I could see with this is the fact that RAGE supports server sided modifications.

Yes, although not all servers going to add my own custom graphic modification (edited timecycle, ambient occlusion). If it's possible to make a client side "Mods" folder in the RageMP directory for specific files, if that's allowed.

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4 hours ago, PandaGamind said:

Why not supporting OpenIV? If someone want to install his own mods then it’s the best option.

I can surely say that not all the server will add graphic mods and car mods.. but the player can add it via OpenIV. 

As I said before.. it’s worked good enough in the other platforms but as for now RageMP is the best platform so why preventing players to use their own mods and have better game experience?

You should take a glance at ragempdev's posts.

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RAGE doesn't support mods that are powering mods like natural vision (like OpenIV) because it can be abused easily. Natural Vision can't work standalone so it doesn't work.

RAGE MP Does not support modifications that require dependencies. 

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