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9 часов назад, MarkCavalli сказал:

Found it. Setting window tint by


is not working, you need set it like




OMG I've written so many times about this issue and got no answer and you finally found it! Thx!

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Am 18.10.2018 um 23:44 schrieb MarkCavalli:

From the wiki... 

46 Window Tint

Also seen somewhere windowTint id = 69, but cant remember, where is.


@MarkCavalli how did you finally do the window tint?
i tried to do it with mod id 46, 69, aso and nothing worked correctly.
then i tried vehicle.setWindowTint but this seems to be client side only (didnt test it because i wanted to do it server side like mods).
vehicle.windowTint is returning 255 for default windows but it is just a property to GET the tint, not to set it, i think.
so what have you done to get it working? 

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