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Curly hair + small cars (e.g. Issi Classic)


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Curly male hair (guess you could call it a perm) seems to act differently on RAGEMP than it does on GTAO. From my understanding, cars with low headroom tend to remove part of the hair that covers the forehead, leaving only the "hair tattoo" to cover whatever it can cover. That's somewhat fine, and I accept that.

Usually this issue exists in GTAO, despite the fact that there is no "hair tattoo". The hair being "tied back" (I guess this is the only way to describe it) works differently between GTAO and RAGEMP for some reason.

This is a picture of curly hair being bugged in an Issi Classic on RAGEMP.


This is what it looks like on GTAO


The hair looks the same as image 1 on RAGEMP, and GTAO when the player is inside a Rebel. But for some reason it's inconsistent in the Issi Classic. The hair covering the forehead isn't removed on GTAO, but it is on RAGEMP. 

Is this a bug?  Is it acknowledged? I don't know where to post this tbh.

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9 hours ago, ragempdev said:

One note: it's probably not RAGEMP/GTAO thing, but Singleplayer/GTAO. Still had to be reviewed and confirmed tho.

I would agree with you, but I've checked it myself as shown on the screenshots. While the issue does exist in some cars such as the Rebel, or any small car with a low roof, it's usually consistent, i.e. if hair is missing in GTMP/RAGEMP, it'd be missing in GTAO and vice versa. With the Issi Classic, it's not consistent and only bugs up on RAGEMP.

Unless I completely missed what you're saying, in which case, I wanna assume it has something to do with DLC vehicles? But if that were the case then the bug would apply to more vehicles.

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