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[TEXT] GTAW Roleplay - 800 to 1000+ players peak time


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GTA World Roleplay is a server opened the 16th of October on Grand Theft Multiplayer, with very specific values and goals. After witnessing the fall of text roleplay communities from SAMP in the last years, where most of them became a dictature-like system with untouchable administrators and rigged with corruption.

  • All administrators are players first: No administrators shall be more protected than any players nor disrespect a player.
  • Transparency in any decision: The server management always inform the players before any decision and is completely transparent : from financial subjects to roleplay ones.
  • A strict roleplay environment: We aim to be extremely strict on roleplay, as we will probably be the last english text roleplay server remaining.

Does this mean we're the perfect server thanks to these values? No, we're not the perfect server and I believe that every servers has its matching community. We also make mistakes, but we will always recognize it and work harder to fix what we could have made wrong. As a player, you are able to criticize and we welcome it as soon as the goal is to bring solutions and improve the server quality.

Being strict also mean taking rough decision, as closing entire factions when needed in order to keep the server roleplay standards high. This is important that this point is not hidden so you do know what you are stepping into, however our Faction Management team is here to guide & help you.


Features description

In GTA World, compared to the current hype of using CEF only features, we adapt to our targeted community which loves text commands. But we also like to adapt to new roleplayers, so we offer text commands for each actions, hotkeys, menus and CEF! You have the full choice of what you wish to use.


Scripted Jobs

We offer hundreds of jobs for you to roleplay, however we strongly recommend working for a company or a player:

  • Store cashier
  • Phone vendor
  • Alcohol vendor
  • Lawyer
  • Government worker
  • Police officer
  • Fireman
  • Trucker
  • Farmer
  • Metallurgist
  • Mechanic
  • Taxi driver
  • Car thief
  • Strict & realistic police department
  • Journalist
  • Fishing
  • Coroners
  • Sheriff
  • County jail guard
  • Brewers

Business system

You are able to use, lease or become the owner of the following business:

  • Airsoft
  • 24/7
  • Ammunation
  • Cinema
  • Barbershop
  • Clothing Store
  • Plastic Surgery Clinic
  • Tattoo Parlor
  • Gas Station
  • Mask Shop
  • Electronic Shop
  • Factory
  • Garage / Chop Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Night club
  • Warehouse
  • Phone shop
  • Liquor store
  • Pawnshops

We like to offer our players a wide variety of business they can own and use, and our Property Management team offer a list of 50+ business for lease which you can apply for based on your roleplay project: no need for grinding to get them!

Property system

More than 5000 houses are available for players to own, with a garage system linked to your house and more than 300 interiors to choose from!

Our furniture system allows you to completely create your own interior from A to Z, but you can also decide to use a premade interior and make some minor changes, and exterior furnishing!

You can also import your own mapping from Menyoo or other editors, and map the outside world for your business!


Basic Income : No more grinding!

On GTAW, we do not believe in grinding. While some servers think that forcing players to grind for hundred of hours will help them keep the players busy, on GTAW we do our best to avoid you from grinding: Every character starts with a $5000 paycheck per hour up to 40 hours, which are $200,000 available for you  to buy a decent car and house. This amount is enough for most players to start roleplay the story they want without having to worry about grinding!


... And way more features!

  • Cats & Dogs
  • Police K9
  • Custom shops
  • Forensic & shell casings
  • County jail
  • Permanent corpses
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Faction system
  • XM Radio with your own radio station
  • Social styles : customize your walk style, mood...
  • Vehicle modding
  • Most advanced furniture system
  • Easy to use customization system: save up to 20 outfits, change them completely in a minute!
  • Weed farming
  • Speed radars
  • Forensics
  • Multiple phones system
  • House robberies
  • Safes
  • Airsoft
  • Vehicle hotwiring & lockpicking
  • Facebook like system with Facebrowser
  • Emergency advanced CEF MDC system

No pay 2 win shops, no vehicles, no weapons and no cash for donators.


Join 150,000 players today, with more than 600 players connected at peak time!


https://discord.gg/C8SHAnW (strongly recommended)

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Can't recommend this community enough. The script is extremely advanced and the community are genuinely lovely and I was made to feel at home within a week or two. The server is also far more democratic and open toplayer opinion than other servers I have come across.

If you're looking for a good heavy roleplay experience in a friendly and open-minded community, I really hope you'll check GTA:W out!

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One of the best community if not the best around right now:

  • Gamemode is organized and scripted really well and even if there are a few bugs they don't affect the gameplay.
  • Staff is composed by people with a lot of experience and it is a really open-minded staff.
  • As Atiku stated above community is really friendly.


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I'm really surprised by this. In the beginning, GTAW started on GTMP which was really laggy and a lot of crashes were occurring. I joined the community in 2017 and I wanted to play a lot, but the lag and crashes made me stop playing there. When I heard about the platform change I was really happy, currently, we're creating a lot of roleplay on the server, everyone is friendly, not like some other communities. Developers of GTAW are constantly updating the script and they're adding really interesting and user-friendly features which gets more players in the server and create more and more roleplay.

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