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Client-Side Scripting - How to start?


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since I'm from sa-mp i obviously only know the server-side scripting.
I already did some stuff like MySQL-connection, different disconnecting messages (depending on exitType) and so on.


To get all the abilities from RageMP I (of course) also want to use the client-side scripting.
First, I just want to get myself in and do stuff like 

mp.gui.chat.colors = true;

Both things are client-side functions.

So, how to start with client-side scripting, which file(s) do I need to create and where to put them?

Thanks a lot.



Oh wow! It's simple as that. Just need to create .js files inside the server-files/client-packages/ directory. That's it.

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Here's a simple tutorial for you to be organized in Client-side scripting:

1) Create a index.js  in client_packages folder

2) Create a folder in client_packages called lets say gamemode.

3) Add the index.js 




4) After that enter the folder you created and add another index.js

5) Inside the gamemode folder you can add as much as files you want with client side scripting stuff as Mr.Pancake said.

Client-side Scripting

6) Don't forget to link every file you create to the index.js inside gamemode folder

it'll simply be like that


That's all you need to know about Client side scripting for now...

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Since i do require those files this is only to get a clear view about my stuff, am i right?

Which basicly mean i could also add everything just inside my index.js. Am i right again?

Also i would like to know whetever ragemp is specially looking for an index.js or am I able to use any file name even if there may as mentioned above is only one file.


// smartphone - bad english possible

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vor 5 Stunden schrieb Captien:

Yes, RAGE does look for the specific file index.js. that's the first file where your client side initalize from

I guess this counts for server-side too then?


// smartphone - bad english possible

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