Installed as described, tripple checked and it just loads up normal

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Hey guys, I see alot of ppl complaining about this, so i tought i d add a help request:)

So basically, I installed RageMP EXACTLY as you described, I tripple checked it just to make sure that i did not miss annything.

After I hit launcher.exe in the RageMP folder, the server screen shows up, i go to settings, change my nickname, hit okay, go to servers, click on a server, the RageMP screen disappears, after a few seconds socialclub screen shows up telling me that my account has signed in(socialclub nickname), i get no launcher error whatsoever, game just launches and i end up in the screen where i can choose, online, story, settings etc. If i hit story loads up story and online the same(loads up official online)

What am I doing wrong guys, if u need aditional info just let me know pls.


Thank u very much, Have a nice day.

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