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RAGE doesn't completely download serverfiles


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I've got the same problem as the one explained in this thread: https://rage.mp/forums/topic/2172-cant-connect-to-any-server/

When Im trying to connect to a server, Rage MP tries to download the server files but gets stuck in a loop while trying to download them. For example it says 5/200, gets stuck for a few seconds, jumps up to 7/200 and then jumps back down to 0/200 and starts the download all over again.
I have tried reinstalling RageMP on multiple drives, so far no errors occured and Rage could start without any problem on the drives it's been installed on.
I have no GTA V mods loaded or even installed and I have single player saves states.
I own the GTA V SocialClub-Version and verified the files by using the cmd.
I've also tried running Rage as an admin and in troubleshooting mode which so far hasn't helped solving the issue.

After talking to some of my friends, I've figured out that if they send me their client_ressources for the server I'm trying to connect to and if I paste them into my
client_ressources folder, connecting to the server works just fine without any furhter problems occuring.


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Watch where the gamefile download resets. Download the files before the "bad file" and before it reaches it press "T" or whatever key the chat is. Type /reload or /reconnect. 

It should give you a notification with "Connection Closed"

Press F1 and connect to the server again. 

The total amount of files to download should be smaller. If it reoccurs, repeat the process and download it in small increments. When it finishes, you should get loaded into login screen of your server.

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