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Problem with loading a module


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Hi guys, 

i have following problem: Every time im trying to load a Downloaded gamemode i get a message that it cant load the module (Find below) as i am not stupid and scripted before for a other MP i did everything people said on the Readme (or tried to google a solution). 

I never had any problem like this before and im going crazy as i just wanna script some stuff. I would really appreciate help. 

I tried everything in the cmd with like "NPM Install" "NPM install -g {the folder}" , but it just wont load even tho the node_Module folder gets installed.3

I tried different gamemodes i downloaded and they all give me this "Cannot find module" thing, so i guess i do something wrong but i do not know what i do wrong. 


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2 minutes ago, MrPancakers said:

You need an index.js file located inside your packages/rageserver-master folder. That's why the error comes up.

You are a hero! Oh my god im stupid thank you so much! 

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