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[RO/ENG] Rumble Freeroam - Multiple Game Modes


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Discord: https://rumble.ro/discord


👋 Hello, ragers,

In this topic, I will present to you a small part of the Rumble Freeroam server.
As the name suggests, this server combines all aspects of game modes to offer you a captivating and diverse experience.
There are a total of 5 game modes available on the server: Race, Stunt, Drift, Deathmatch and Freeroam. Each brings unique features, specially designed to maximize the enjoyment of gameplay.

Race: - A game mode where players will vote for their preferred map and then compete with other participants.

Stunt: - Discover 20 stunts of different difficulties.

Drift: - Whether you want to drift in the lobby or complete a prepared track, we invite you to show us how skilled you are.

Deathmatch: - You might be good with pistols (thanks to all that RP), but how about heavy weapons like RPGs and Grenade Launchers? Spawn into a custom map and let's see what killing spree you can achieve.

Freeroam: - Represents the main game mode, incorporating a bit of each attribute from the others and more! In this mode, you can find: Gangs - Clans - Jobs - Parachute Jumps - Specific Mapping - Clothing - Tattoo - Tuning and many other freeroam elements [Drift Counter/Air Time Counter/Speed Boost/Vehicle Jump, etc.] that will be discovered throughout the gameplay.

Tuning: - Spawn a car from the 800+ available and tune it exactly how you want. You can save and show off your creations to friends in the Garage section of the Panel.

Clothing: - Over 17,000 clothing items... good luck trying to check all of them :).

Specific Mapping: - Includes mapping for each game mode, as well as random mapping around the freeroam mode to make the experience more entertaining.

Parachute Jumps: - Discover skydiving zones, grab a parachute from the pickup, and jump. We'll show you the route.

Jobs: - It's simple here. Take a break from the city chaos, hop into a truck and deliver goods... or maybe in a helicopter?

Clans: - Anyone, anytime, anywhere can create a clan. Choose your favorite weapons, spawn area, distinctive color and fight together with your teammates for the top spot.

Gangs: - Probably one of, if not the most complex system on the server. It's more advanced than clans because, in addition to what you can select for a clan, here you have a territory, your own base with custom mapping where you have a gate that enemies must break to capture your gang. Cars? You have cars that only your members can enter. 
* Gangs can challenge other gangs to fight in a chosen arena with up to 4 members each. [Gang War]

There's much more to add, but I prefer to let you discover it.

* The server is currently in beta and will be officially launched in a short period.

Quick preview on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@RumbleFreeroam


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