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Found 5 results

  1. Join today on RageMP using our IP :: Lunar Drift is a gamemode project for RageMP aimed at: repliacting the FiveM/FiveReborn drift community on RageMP whilst also offering a better all around experience with a feature packed gamemode to make it as enjoyable for everyone as possible. We've already got a compiled database of custom drift vehicle modifications on the server however we're always looking for more, and in particular drift map addons such as Ebisu North course for our players to drift on!
  2. Что делать ? Помогите !!! не на какие сервера не заходит пишет failed launcher и всё !!
  3. Current Rage Host: Rage Direct Connect Link Discord: About: Hello, Players! This is a server dedicated to bringing joys of drifting without the hassle of DLCs, slowly downloading maps, etc. It features an updated list of cars that includes cars from DLC, a tweaked drift formula that rewards craziness, a simple, but necessary improvement on your typical speedometer and drift counter, as well as an extended list of cosmetic updates - including pearlescent, tyre smoke and window tint - to help you bring out your style for those cars that lack body kits. Couple that with the ability to modify car handling to create your unique drift car, or select a handling preset if you have a favorite. Next up is basic race & trial attack system that lets you benchmark your skills. Finally, there's an experimental career mini mode that gives you a structured progression through different kinds of cars. Not all of them are good, and not all will match your taste, but the purpose of this demo is to highlight a diversity of drift cars in GTA V.
  4. Ребят это игра rage multiplayer, при заходе на сервер появляется персонаж, машин нет так же как и игроков, но есть звуки машин, я заходил на все сервера и обновлял несколько раз и толку не было есть ли у вас возможные догадка как исправить эту ошибку?
  5. Promo of the DriftAndreas - better drift project on RAGE:MP platform