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Announcing the New Server List


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Hello Everyone,

You might have noticed our recent website makeover. This update is part of our ongoing effort to revamp the platform's user interface. Exciting news - our new web-server list is now live! We've introduced several functional tweaks, which are yet to appear in the game's user interface.

We'd like to share more about these updates in detail:

* Server administrators now have the ability to create and upload custom server icons and cover images.
* Server descriptions were introduced.
* The server list has been enhanced with "servers in your language" and a global navigation feature. This aims to streamline community navigation, and we're keen to make further improvements, particularly with the upcoming client launcher UI update.
* We've also organised servers operated by same communities into folders, simplifying navigation for players from both small and large communities.

An update for the game server is in the pipeline, along with a streamlined process for submitting icons and cover images. This will integrate seamlessly with the updated server list. Here's what you need to know before its launch:

* Server folder names and descriptions are currently generated from existing server names in the formats "Folder | Server Name | Description" and "Server Name | Description". Following the game server update, these can be set up separately.
* Post-launch of the submission process, server icons and cover images will undergo a review before public use.
* The required dimensions for server icons and cover images are 160x160 and 1600x900 pixels, respectively. However, these may change as we continue to develop the game client UI update.

Please don't hesistate to share your thoughts - we're looking forward to your feedback to bring more updates to the server list! The game server update is scheduled to come among more broad core platform updates later. Stay tuned for more!


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