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Server Cloths and Accessories Files Location


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Greetings Respected Devs,

Let me come to direct point to save your as well as mine time, I am a Graphics designer and making various Arts for Content Creators. Recently i want to make Machinima and Cinematics as well as Thumbnails for GTA Grand Roleplay [RageMP] creator's thumbnail so for that i want some Files like clothings files and other things that are exclusive for server only. As i noticed that when we play server it starts downloading server resources, so It is downloading somewhere but i can not find, so can you please help me to get that server files and use it in Singleplayer using mods to create cinematics and Pictures. 

Nisar Momin.

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If you want something that someone else owns, then logically you need to go to the owner of that thing and ask for his permission to use it. To answer your question: no you can not steal resources from other servers and use them for your own personal stuff. Files you download are encrypted.

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