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R* Editor Is Coming To RAGE Multiplayer


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Hello everyone,


As you know, we usually announce platform updates and changes in our Discord community. Today, however, we’re especially excited to announce the highly anticipated complete Rockstar Editor and Director Mode integration in RAGE Multiplayer - let's see the details in depth!


Rockstar Editor

With this update, we're bringing you the full power of Rockstar's advanced video recording and editing suite directly into your gameplay sessions. Whether you're crafting cinematic masterpieces or simply capturing your most epic moments, the R* Editor is now at your fingertips in RAGE Multiplayer. It's seamlessly implemented with quick transitions into and from the editor to the game, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience.

  • Replay Recording Enhancements: We've implemented an option to expand continuous clip length with the enable-replay-extensions client experimental flag in settings. Caution: this option might require additional RAM.
  • Improved Stability: Fixed several base game R* Editor crashes and bugs to enhance stability.
  • Platform fine-tuning: Improved replay recording in heavily loaded scenes for smoother playback.
  • Camera Editor Freedom: Removed camera editor distance restrictions to give you more creative freedom in capturing your scenes.



Integration API

We've introduced a set of API changes to give server developers the tools they need for seamless transitions into and from R* Editor sessions.

  • Added client-side cancellable event replayEditorRequest, allowing to delay player replay editor transition for the server to generate and save a return token for when player is coming back into game session.
  • Added client-side method mp.game.replay.continueTransition()
  • Client-side mp.storage.sessionData is now persistent between reconnections to the same server during a single session (R* Editor included)


Additionally, server developers may need to implement replay recording start, stop, and save logic using the existing client-side game API.


Extended Video Export

Extended Video Export is a GTA V single-player plugin that enhances the base game video exporter with customizable encoding presets, advanced motion blur, higher FPS, and higher resolution support. We’ve made this compatible with RAGE Multiplayer through a custom version integrated with both the client and the anti-cheat. Click here to download. Note: the Voukoder Classic 13.3+ dependency is required.


We can't wait to see the incredible movies you'll create with R* Editor in RAGE Multiplayer. Thanks for being a part of our community!

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