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"Clientscript Error Undefined 0" POSSIBLE SOLUTION/FIX


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Hey, I've been testing this bug since it started to annoy me, but I found a simple solution for it, because that error is about graphics memory and Microsoft systems but need to be fixed by RAGE MP devs.


1. Optionally start off with reinstalling your RAGE MP client on data partition (not system). No, you don't need to reinstall GTA V, it may stay on your SSD for performance.

2. Lower your graphics settings in GTA V if error occurs often. Close your browser or other running apps that drain your memory way too much.

3. Join a server, but when game opens I prefer in window mode (alt + enter). If it runs OK, login and turn your browser or whatever back on.

If you have GeForce graphics, try optimize settings with GeForce Expierence but with 50% performance and nice textures, dont set it too high on textures, because the error will appear again.

Explanation: The client needs memory to load its scripts and GTA V to load it files, so when they meet, memory leaks out and all what you can do is close the game. Don't run too many browser instances, try to lower your graphics and run the game. Its all about memory, needs to be fixed in RAGE MP client. Just because you run GTA:O on Ultra Settings doesnt mean it will run the same on RAGE MP.

My setup with Phenom II X4 965 BE, GTX 1050Ti, 2x4GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM:


Best regards, players!

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Wow. Finally someone with a theory/solution. I haven't been able to play Rage for literally months because of this. "Undefined: 0" on every single server, every time. I've been patiently waiting for 0.4 update hoping that it would silently fix this with a Node dependency update or something.

I have 32gb ram and a 1070, so playing GTA standalone on max settings is no issue for me. I assumed this couldn't be an issue for RAGE, but I was wrong.

I lowered my settings in-game. GeForce wasn't actually changing my settings for some reason. I had to change the settings in a RAGE instance of the game to make any difference. This made the biggest impact on the issue.

Also, minimizing the game while its on "Loading RAGE Multiplayer..." will help a little bit until it's all loaded in. That will free up memory because the game won't render anything while it's minimized. It must be minimized, not just alt-tabbed or else it will continue to render.

This issue only started appearing after a random minor 0.3 update. Something must have been changed and this resulted as a side-effect somewhere.

Thanks a ton @Rangy. I'm glad someone finally figured this out.

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@ragempdev Normal usage is 6,9-7GB of 8GB RAM and 99-100% of GPU and CPU without crash (optimal settings in the first post the topic). Can't get a crash, but it reaches 7,7-7,8 of 8GB RAM at full settings. I can guess it leaks out once it reaches 8GB but it is very random.

Oh, by the "Microsoft systems" in the topic I mean error every time in the Event Log that is :

"ESENT event 916: DllHost (1060,G,98) Funkcja beta EseDiskFlushConsistency jest włączona w ESENT z powodu ustawień trybu beta witryny 0x800000." (sorry for the Polish language)

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@ragempdev @Rangy seems that the fix only fixed my issue for a few days. Even after replicating the scenario as best as I could, I can no longer join any servers without Node crashing. For example, I use Complex Freeroam as the one I join to test it. Since Complex has a client-side custom chat, when Node crashes it falls back to the default RAGE chat and I can chat with players and all server-side code affects me, but all client-side code crashes.

That's what makes me think this might just be a Node dependency problem. And if the issue only started occuring after a minor 0.3 update, maybe there was an issue with the V8 version that minor update included.

Here are my specs if useful to either of you:

Intel i7 7700K @ 4.2GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB

The game never goes above around 4-5GB memory, even during the crash. CPU and RAM usage is all around low.


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Here is a screenshot of me joining Complex. Taken right as the error comes.


@ragempdev Since "node.dll" is dynamically linked (assuming that that is your V8 implementation), could replacing just that DLL using the one from 0.4 prove whether the issue is Node or not? Unless Rage depends on a certain version of V8 with each release of course.

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