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Cops 'n' Robs


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         Cops 'n' Robs

It's now one year ago as I started developing for RAGE Mp. I made my first experience with CEF and serverside <-> clientside development.
After several days of intense work I hosted the "Copchase" server, which was ( even when a little bit buggy ) playable.

It was very funny with some other guys try to chase fugitives down and block them, so they can't move anymore to win the round. But after some days of playing it, it became very boring since it was always the same.

That was the moment for me, when I realised to make something more unique. Something similar to GTA:Online, with lightweight roleplay and features from other games like GMod DarkRP, IdentityRPG and some tactical shooters.

So I started making Cops & Robbers.

After couple of weeks I've made some cool store robbery mechanics, also my first experience how to interact with peds.

In less than a week I've implemented a smartphone only to make a app, which let's you "hack" an ATM, while you are close to it. This hacking app was inspired by the browser game "s0urce.io".

That's the story how it started. Everything I've made was very cool and took me several weeks to finalize it. After weeks and months I realised it's not about to make a "cool" gamemode, rather making a running gamemode. The backend and the frontend was very tricky to control. It took me very long to make it stable for each feature I've made so far. Since now...


Inventory & Items

The items in CnR are real objects. That means, you can drop it and pick it up. I wasn't about to make an inventory system, where you could trade with imaginary things through a CEF window. Items are pickable by holding "E", while you point on it. That's different to other items system, where you have to stand next to the item to pick it up. You can control very exactly, what you want to pick up and where you want to drop something.
The system is based on slots without a grid. So basically, each item has a "weight" in slots. The base slots count is 50 and you can raise it to 200 with a big backpack ( Note: It's a random value I've choosed ). You can also drop money through the inventory, by clicking on the money and select "Drop cash".


Weapon handling

As you may already saw it in the video above this text, there is an inventory based weapon handling system. That means weapons are items too, which can be dropped and picked up. Weapons on CnR need clips and bullets. You can't go to ammunation and buy a weapon and if you have the weapon already it will add ammunation, that's not gonna happen. You have to buy the weapon, a weapon clip ( this is universal, we don't want it to realistic like DayZ, where you have to search for a clip before u even can use your badass weapon ) and the right ammunation ( also this is universal, it's only splitted into pistol, machine gun, assault rifle and shotgun, the caliber isn't important ).
Aiming is also not basic GTA V.  I've added a "shaking" system, which imitate real aiming feeling. ( it's already planned to reduce this by consume drugs or something ) Each weapon you carry is visible and disappear when you hold it / drop it.



Character creator

Nothing special, since everyone have it. The design is based on the inventory. You can also randomize it, for the lazy players.


Vehicle system

Basically, you buy a car and at a dealer. That's it. Nah, it's kinda more. You can turn on/off the engine by holding J and lock/unlock it by holding L. If you exit your car, the position gets saved and your car spawns at this position again. If you don't want this, you can bring your car to the car park and park it there. You can get it back at the paystation by pressing E and select your vehicle. If you lock/unlock the car, the light will fade in/out and a sound can be heared.

The emergency lights are different as in GTA V. If you press E, it will turn on the lights without the siren. Press it again will turn on the siren and if you press it again, it will turn on the flashing lights at the front. The 4th press will turn everything off. I've added also custom lights. The sirens and lights are synced on stream in.

One of the unique parts is the power system. You can buy vehicles at a car dealer, which gets generated randomly. You could buy a small car with up to 150hp. Based on the vehicle category, this value can raise up to 600 hp. The difference is, that it's planned that you can tune your vehicle to a higher amount of power calculated on the base value. That means, if you buy a sports car with 100 hp and tune it, it's barely worth, but in most cases you can't buy a vehicle with higher power, because the probability is very small. Maybe you are the lucky guy some day, who owns a sports car with the highest amount of base power and tune it to hell and back. Everyone wants your car, but it's priceless.


Black Market

Somewhere on the map is the black market. It changes due the time and goes to another position. Only if you was close to a black market, you can see it on the map with a black "B". If not, good luck... Only black market dealers can shop at the black market and sell stuff like "Weed buds" to it. The exchange rate is randomly between 1 - 100 % of the sale price. This is an important feature for those black market dealers, who sell weed seeds, they bought from the black market and sell those to another players. So they can grow the weed and you can buy it back and sell it to the black market. "Buy low, sell high", but don't get caught by the cops, you'll lose everything... To join the black market, hold X while you are close to it. It will offer you to pay a little amount ( you better pay more than to less ) to join the black market. If the amount, which is randomly, is to less he will reject and you are blocked for 1 hour. ( Expect that the black market position could change due this time ) If you are not civilian, he will reject that you are not his "clientele".

You can buy illegal items from it, which are needed for crafting other items. The main focus is to buy illegal items and resell it to players.



Currently it's used to handle the apps:

- ATM Loader ( hack ATM's )
- FindMyCar ( list all vehicles, which are not parked in the parking lot, guide you to it, when click on it and hit "Find" )



Some of the items are only craftable. ( C4 Bomb, Weed plant ) For some you need a workbench ( avaiable at the hardware store ) and for some you can craft them in your inventory. For those, which needs the workbench, they require a blueprint. Those blueprints are basically buyable at the Black Market or from a Black Market Dealer.


More features

- taxi job as UI, where you can set the rate and extra costs
- 24/7 safe can be drilled, blown up or cracked with a pickset
- ATM UI with sounds ( hold E )
- payday based on level
- bill system, you can have a credit. Each payday interest of 15% of the total amount of open bills will be withdrawn
- fuel stations, you don't have to pay instantly, you get a bill
- mechanic, can repair, color vehicle and load vehicles on his truck. Will be called by the police, if vehicles are impounded
- Handsup by holding H, cuff/restrain by holding J
- holding M opens the usermenu, if the player is restrained/cuffed ( blindfold someone, mute someone, steal cash, get access to inventory, break restrain/cuffs with crowbar )
- admin jail, regular jail and solitary
- custom HUD UI showing health, level, exp, name, current money and slots https://i.gyazo.com/5305a431d45d788282028c2aadb368c9.mp4
- custom chat https://i.gyazo.com/6a6623df10b969e18423d981d75c8d81.mp4
- ban window, which allows you to connect to the server, even when banned and see the reason why you are banned and when it expires ( auto-kick after 30 seconds )
- growing weed https://i.gyazo.com/26d24e889dcc4fe027eb73e153e71ec5.mp4

That's enough for now.
You'll find more informations of the current stage of development on our Discord or on our website:

Website: https://copsnrobs.com/forum/
Discord: http://discord.copsnrobs.com/

Server: serv.copsnrobs.com:4444 ( it's early access, currently it's manually hosted )

The development so far was made by me alone. All suggestions are welcome.

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House system

The house system is very unique. As Staff or higher admin rank, you can create house properties. You can set the entrance, a backyard entrance, a garage and a driveway. The price gets calculated by the size of the property and the extras. Also the type of the house is one of the highest factors. The boundaries are saved and synced with each player, which will be very useful in later development process for motion sensors and object placement on your property.
You can lock/unlock your house by holding L and enter/exit it by holding X.
Pickups / Placed items are synced and stays there, even after server start. So, you could grow your weed inside your house.

Vangelico Jewelry

I've added the safe for the jewelry rob. This safe drops "Jewellery" as item. This can only be sold at the Black Market for x exchange. It takes 60 seconds with a C4 or 240 seconds with a drill. If you want to try to crack it with a pickset, it takes 481 seconds. Max. drop rate is 20 and each item is $ 1.000 worth on full exchange value.
C4, drill and pickset has to be equipped ( Use in inventory ) and then you can use /plant, /drill or /crack infront of the safe.







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We refurbished our forum design:


Also some changes have been made:

  • Experience system added
  • Ammunation & Deluxe Motorsport doors opened for all
  • Labels for shops like ammunation and hardware stores describe now what you have to do
  • added Prison break auto-wanteds
  • added Mr. Soke Bike Rental near the spawn ( yellow "B" )
  • rental vehicles expires after 30 minutes, just throw them away if you don't need them anymore
  • added custom nametags with wanteds amount

If you want to stay up-to-date, join our Discord

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