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rpg Cops 'n' Robs

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We've pushed an update to current server:

- courier job finished
- error message for too less cash
- /cloth command to add custom clothes
- new player online list
- wantes removal over time
- /confess at the church
- time & weather cycle ( 3 hours = 1 day )
- synced server time with phone time
- added hotkey E to toggle hood/trunk
- added vehicle inventory ( hold I, while trunk open )
- 7 black market positions

- disabled shop peds for testing
- cops cant impound vehicles on sale anymore
- you cant enter decimal or letters anymore at ATM
- you only can repsond once to a crime
- go on duty with wanteds

- ATM Loader cant find atm
- taxi HUD doesnt disappear
- peds spawn twice on relog
- shop peds can be pushed around
- waypoint points to prison for non-high wanted
- no jail at all
- /backup for yourself

This update took several weeks, because I had to add tons of debugging stuff. Hopefully, I've found the freeze issue and if this won't occur for the couple next days, this will be official launched as 0.9-BETA.
That means:
- account reset
- everything you earn after this will be saved and never resetted
- beta tester get their bonuses

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