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Getting a Better Blackout


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In this tutorial you'll learn how to disable "vfxfogvolumeinfo.ymt", which causes the annoying ambient lights around the buildings even though there's a blackout.


Step 1: Get gta5.meta

Find gta5.meta and extract it to your desktop using OpenIV or CodeWalker. It is located in Grand Theft Auto V\common.rpf\data\levels\gta5.

nEF99iS.png   P3BaoJR.png


Step 2: Removal

Now that we have gta5.meta, we're going to open it with our editor of choice. I'll be using Sublime Text 3.

After opening the file, search for vfxfogvolumeinfo and select its entry:


And remove it, should look like this now:


You're all done, save the file and close your editor.


Step 3: The RAGEMP Magic Touch

Thanks to @ragempdev for telling me about this feature.

This is the last and easiest part, now we will go to our server-files/client_packages/dlcpacks folder. If you don't have a dlcpacks folder, create it.

Then take the gta5.meta file you just edited and put it in the dlcpacks folder. That's all you have to do.




  1. Disabling vfxfogvolumeinfo might cause side effects, I didn't notice any but honestly, I didn't spend a lot of time testing.
  2. Downloading an updated gta5.meta for the first time may not apply its changes but it will work properly next time you join the server (after restarting GTA V).
  3. "But I never had those?" Your shader quality setting might be on normal.
  4. GTA V updates might change the contents of gta5.meta file so always repeat this process after a new GTA V update is released.
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1 hour ago, materia said:

Hey there,

did mp.game.graphics.setBlackout() stopped working with the last online patch? Cannot get it to work anymore...

Yes, setBlackout stopped working due to a RAGEMP update. You'll have to use lights API (at least for now):

    state true = disable light index
    state false = enable light index
for (let i = 0; i <= 16; i++) mp.game.graphics.setLightsState(i, state);


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1 hour ago, materia said:

Ohh okay great that will be fine. Thank you for your quick answer!

I have another question but cannot send you a personal message. Are you maybe looking for any project you want to contribute your wonderful work to and be part of? :)

No I am not

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