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What kind of gamemode are you waiting for?


Gamememode Poll  

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  1. 1. What kind of gamemode are you waiting to be made?

    • Roleplay
    • Cops and Robbers
    • Freeroam/GTA Online style
    • Team Deathmatch/Free for All/'Call of Duty'
    • Gangwars
    • Minigames
    • Zombies
    • Race/Drift

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tldr; Vote for the kinds of gamemodes you want to be seen made, it's multiple choice so vote for as many as you'd enjoy seeing.

This is mostly aimed at those who wish to start a server/community, but people who wish to play these kinds of servers could also give input. What kinds of game modes do you want to see be made and released for free? This thread could be used for developers who want to make an open source project but are unsure if people really want a certain game mode. I'll try to add as many into the poll as I can, but please reply if you have other input and also helps keep the thread alive. You can vote for more than one type of gamemode so select as many as you want.

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I used to run stunt servers on MTA and later SAMP, so thats what i'll start working on at some point for R:MP too.
Bscly just freemode but the map is packed full of stunt area's, and you earn points and money by doing stunts, that you can then spend on all sorts of things

Before i can do this i need to make (or somebody needs to make) an object streamer though, so i can have 100's to 1000's of objects placed all over the game world without users having to load all of those, they would just have to load the ones within a certain distance, and unload again automatically etc.

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Reallife. Like the good old Samp Servers but with new features of course.


/edit And i really liked playing on MTA Server where you race against others and got a Helikopter at the end if you won. Dont know how the gamemode was called. I think that could also be very fun in rage.

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