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Example script (MySQL)


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3 hours ago, AlexanderDem said:

Good evening. Help me to understand the installation of your mod. I do not understand where the packege.js file is. What npm packages should I install for work?

for mysql open cmd, enter "cd [folder directory {e.g: C:\RAGEMP\Server}]" and type "npm install mysql"

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By the way, inside players.js, you've forgotten to add in the Admin column inside server_players

DB.Handle.query("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `server_players` (`ID` int(11) NOT NULL,`Name` varchar(24) NOT NULL,`Password` varchar(128) NOT NULL, `Admin` int(3) NOT NULL) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;", function() { } );

Line 43, I haven't tried it but that should probably fix it.

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