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Hi there,

I realise that this is out of scope of RAGE mp but I would like to use RAGE MP via WINE on Linux.

GTA V runs smoothly on Linux via WINE/DXVK.

I have managed to get rage mp installed under my GTAV wine prefix.

When I run "ragemp_v.exe" I get "FATAL ERROR: Could not start RAGE Multiplayer". No surprise there, I did not expect it work.

WINEPREFIX=/PATH/TO/GTAPREFIX/ winetricks install dotnet462 dotnet472 vcrun2015
wget http://cdn.rage.mp/client/updater.exe
wget http://cdn.rage.mp/client/ragemp-web-installer.exe

Has any one managed to progress any further?

Does RAGEMP make use of shared resources like FIVEM? Because that is not supported by DXVK yet.

Kind Regards.

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56 minutes ago, Fachpersonal said:

Same Error on my system using Manjaro 18.0.2 using Mesa, Lutris with winesteam and dxvk 1.0.

About the shared resources, there is currently no way to implement it because wine does not support it. Doitsujin labeled it as "wontfix" ->  https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk/issues/899

I am not sure that ragemp makes that API call. Hopefully not.

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