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Imtihal    0

My ideas are here. (0.2)

1. Make you own character just like in gta 5. If its impossible make it like gta 4 online

2. Make gamemodes.

3. Make a gamemode where there is no godmode or anything just like gta 5 online no one has any special powers or anything.7

4. Focus on fixing the damage we put on to a player. It takes a long time to kill somebody


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Armyw0w    24

seems like u came from SA-MP with shit gamemode, the difference between a gm and fs it's the size, so you can call a little script, the gamemode.

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Thanos Atha    0

It would be awesome to have traffic (cars & people) in multi-player, too!!! (bots). Otherwise it would be nice to have some vehicles on the map...!  Does it have an option to create server (local or internet)? It could have an option to invite friends!... It could  have a scoreboard to see the players who are in the server, and they could be shown in the minimap...! It loads the server list all the time, and when I join one from "Play Now", the RageMP overlay doesn't disappear from the screen & I can't play, or it says "Can't connect server" !? Every time I launch RageMP, it downloads resources...!? A Disconnect button is needed !... When exiting RageMP, GTA V should exit,  too!... It would be easier to have an option in the game to send a feedback !... Please make a multi-player mode work for GTA V Reloaded Installer!!!.....  

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