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[Bug][Server] Massive memory leak


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Environment: Windows SVR

Server: latest version & C++ API

Online players: ~45

Client packages: 166KB

Uptime: Configured to restart after 24 hours of uptime

Description: after 23 hours of uptime the server leaks from 1.1 to 1.2GBs of RAM (>700KB per second) according to the Windows SVR resource monitor. After hours of analyzing a Windows Dump I can affirm the entire leak comes from the rage server and not my project.

Due to the amount of leaks / minute I can only imagine it comes from the player / vehicle syncs since they pulse many times per second.

EDIT: The server leaks 2 bytes / second with 1 player online and no plugins / scripts / client_packages loaded.

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It was the C++ SDK and yes I did try disabling nodeJS but the problem continued, maybe less, hard to tell since the player amount decreased over the weeks. I also tried running the server with all callbacks disabled and only checkpoints, area collisions and vehicles spawned but it still leaked a noticeable amount with 2-3 players online. Unfortunately I discontinued the project so I can no longer provide you with more information.


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