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Rage Built In VOIP


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A built in voice over internet protocol system for RageMP which will be also configurable by server owners with the option to turn it off/on.

In my opinion this addition to Rage can bring many new players and developers, because of the importance of VOIP to many game modes out there. I'm aware that developers are able to make their own VOIP but I think that a built in one can make their life easier and help many new developers to build their game modes without spending a lot of time finding good VOIP API.

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19 hours ago, Joshua said:

Not true. We use RAGE's VoIP on a Linux machine without issue. 


The built in voice is super easy to code in (with JS atleast, not sure about c#) if you just want global chat, proximity voice chat is a little more in depth but easily achievable by any novice.

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