Sandboxie and two instances of RAGE.MP

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I decided to open this topic so maybe we can figure a way to open two instances of RAGE.MP using Steam. Of course, I'm talking about two steam accounts cause if you use just one one will fail the socialclub license verification.


I've tried this:

Install one steam, install GTA V for it then install a rage client. Then, install a sandboxed steam with a second account with a second license of GTA V, install gta V on that sandboxed steam, install rage Client inside the sandbox. Now, if I run the normal rage client and connect to a server, it connects fine to the server but when I launch the sandboxed rage client and connect to a server it starts the game into the menu where I choose if I want to play Online gta or Story mode. It's not because of the sandboxie, because if I run the sandbox rage client first and connect to a client, the sandboxed gta that starts up enters the server, but when I start the normal rage client and connect to the server with that client too, then the normal client will start into that menu. Maybe someone has any other ideas? What could cause this 'compatibility' issue?


Edit: Was thinking about this, so I actually got the PC to run two instances of steam logged in in two different accounts and I was able to play GTA V on each in the same time. So shouldn't be a steam/gta issue. It's something related to the client. I heard that some people got it to run with two instances (one steam version and one socialclub version), did any of you faced a similar problem where the first launched is joining on the server and the second launched is joining in the story/online menu?

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if GTA_SC is launched first and then GTA_Steam (sandboxie), the former loads into rage client and the latter loads into story/onine mode.
So running GTA_Steam (sandboxie) first, and then GTA_SC somehow solves the problem.

I have no idea why that happens, but thats how i run it

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