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CEF Boilerplate

This is a boilerplate that will make your development proccess easier. It has a workflow that works like a website development, but, adapted for UI development. 
Built with Gulp + Webpack + Babel + SASS + ES6



  • Focused on performance, lightweight.
  • Made to be maintainable and SCALABLE. Small, medium or big projects, doesn't matter how much components, it will be easy to maintain.
  • Easy for integrating any framework like Vue or React.
  • Hot reload

Local development:

  • Run npm install
  • Run gulp
  • The index.html inside the src folder, works like a summary. This is the default page that will open when you start the development environment. You can customize it.
  • The others folders is just like any other web project structure.

Building for production:

  • Run npm install
  • Run gulp production
  • It will make all the minifying proccess, create bundles and will send it to ../../client_packages/dist folder by default. If you want to change it, go to gulpfile.js/config.json and change the destProd value.

I strongly recommend you to use the ragemp-start typescript by @ekoozu

Using with ragemp-starter:

  • Clone this repo into the src folder
  • Run the npm install on it
  • Run gulp production
  • Done.

Creating a browser:


That's all, folks.

Feel free to open an issue or answer this thread if you have any question.


Download it on GitHub

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