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[Typescript + NativeUI] - Help with integration


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Would anyone be able to help me with integrating NativeUI menu. I have tried  but I just get an error.

My setup is setup using typescript.

I seem to get an error saying the following `TypeError: Point is not a constructor`

import NativeUI from '../../libs/nativeui/index'

const Menu = NativeUI.Menu;
const UIMenuItem = NativeUI.UIMenuItem;
const UIMenuListItem = NativeUI.UIMenuListItem;
const UIMenuCheckboxItem = NativeUI.UIMenuCheckboxItem;
const UIMenuSliderItem = NativeUI.UIMenuSliderItem;
const BadgeStyle = NativeUI.BadgeStyle;
const Point = NativeUI.Point;
const ItemsCollection = NativeUI.ItemsCollection;
const Color = NativeUI.Color;
const ListItem = NativeUI.ListItem;

    'player-creator': () => {

function init() {
    const ui = new Menu("Test UI", "Test UI Subtitle", new Point(50, 50));
    ui.AddItem(new UIMenuListItem(
        "List Item",
        "Fugiat pariatur consectetur ex duis magna nostrud et dolor laboris est do pariatur amet sint.",
        new ItemsCollection(["Item 1", "Item 2", "Item 3"])

    mp.keys.bind(0x71, false, () => {
        if (ui.Visible) ui.Close();
        else ui.Open();


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