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Hey guys,


ragemp has cef, so lets use it! ( useable @ 0.2 ;) )

(it's my Code, so my leader has nothing to say :P)



// [ The_HydroX | Nick | 2017 ]

let devWindow = {
	browser:'package://[YOUR CLIENT PACKAGE]/index.html'),
	keyCode: 0x7B, // F12
	windowOpen: false

I define a new object, named devWindow.

the browser window will be spawned when we call'package://devLog/index.html')



I want to change the visibility of the Frame / cef / whatEver.

// keyDown
mp.keys.bind(devWindow.keyCode, true, function(){
	if (!devWindow.windowOpen) {
		devWindow.windowOpen = !devWindow.windowOpen;
	} else {
		devWindow.windowOpen = !devWindow.windowOpen;

i do this with keyBinding.



you can execute functions they are defined @ the index.html

function showWindow() {

function hideWindow() {


yes, its very simple. ;)


sry for my englisch ^^

GreetZ from Dresden


Edited by The_HydroX
available @ 0.2 - sry
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Please can you specify the files, where i have to put this code ?

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yes, of course.


or you use this : [Offline]

Ps. for you ;)


GreetZ The_HydroX

Edited by The_HydroX

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