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Chinese player need chinese input in game .


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In game chat does not support Chinese input ,Chinese players cannot enter Chinese in the chat box in the game.Because of the encoding problem of ragemp

Maybe developers should consider this issue, let ragemp support more language input, and the encoding rules suggest using UTF-8.

An English letter occupies one character, and a Chinese occupies two characters, so if it is not a coding problem, I think you can set ragemp support for multi-byte language input.

  • What is chinese input ?

Chinese input method, also known as Chinese character input method, refers to the encoding method used to input Chinese characters into electronic devices such as computers or mobile phones. It is an important technology for Chinese information processing.

The most commonly used Chinese input method is the Pinyin input method. A number of specific letters form a homonym. The user then finds the word he wants to input from the homonym.

such as: I want to input Chinese 你  好 (Ni hao )   ,Then I need to enter N-I (你) and H-a-o (好)  respectively. And find the correct word from the homophone library while entering a single word, ensuring that Ni or hao will not be entered into other words resulting in typos on reading. Ni(你) - Hao(好) These two Chinese take up a total of four characters.

5cf674101bd0924060.png 5cf6740fe685556557.png

I don't know if my explanation is clear. If you want to know more about how Chinese input works, you can go to google and search.


Thank you for reviewing my suggestion.:D

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Add some content: the server can send and display Chinese, but the chat window in the game cannot input Chinese.

This problem leads to no Chinese server, because the players can not communicate, after all, no one will use foreign languages and communicate with the people. Before ragemp has a Chinese server, the solution to this problem is: I edited a voice communication system, but this effect Very generally, more Chinese players are used to typing communication instead of voice.

So...I hope that the developer team can solve this problem as soon as possible. .

Thanks !:D

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