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WS Drift Freeroam & Career Demo Server

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Current Rage Host:

 Rage Direct Connect Link

Discord: https://discord.gg/BCrpuH


Hello, Players!
This is a server dedicated to bringing joys of drifting without the hassle of DLCs, slowly downloading maps, etc. It features an updated list of cars that includes cars from DLC, a tweaked drift formula that rewards craziness, a simple, but necessary improvement on your typical speedometer and drift counter, as well as an extended list of cosmetic updates - including pearlescent, tyre smoke and window tint - to help you bring out your style for those cars that lack body kits. Couple that with the ability to modify car handling to create your unique drift car, or select a handling preset if you have a favorite.
Next up is basic race & trial attack system that lets you benchmark your skills.
Finally, there's an experimental career mini mode that gives you a structured progression through different kinds of cars. Not all of them are good, and not all will match your taste, but the purpose of this demo is to highlight a diversity of drift cars in GTA V.

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