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CEF for C# does not load at all.


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Hi everyone,


I am playing with C# for RageMP I unfortunately I don't get one thing with CEF. I'm keep learning how to use some events and this time I have to create some UI to use them.

UI based on Javascript works great (e.g. https://rage.mp/forums/topic/1896-cef-tutorial-interact-with-browser-pages-in-ragemp-client-and-server/) however when I write my own code  in C# - it does not show at all. I am using Stuyk tutorial from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJsktWiY5W8 and it is not working. Even tried to copy everything 1:1 and script literally does not respond.

Recent code (based on Stuyk tutorial):

using System;
using RAGE;
using RAGE.Elements;
using RAGE.Ui;

namespace hello
    public class Main : Events.Script
        RAGE.Ui.HtmlWindow CustomWindow = null;

        public Main()
        public void LoadCEF(string uri)
            CustomWindow = new HtmlWindow(uri)
                Active = true


html file contains proper template with HTML5 encoding and body bg color set for black only. Works with local browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

Cleared cache memory several times to make sure it's overwriting the new one.


Some suggestions?

Thank you in advance




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