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Are world dimensions implemented in the same way like in MTA/SA-MP?


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I was wondering how are world dimensions implemented in RageMP? In GTA 3 saga(VC, SA), you had the dimensions feature part of the RenderWare engine. Is RageMP emulating this? Because as far as I know, the new RAGE engine from Rockstar doesn't have this feature. And if it is emulated, how is it done,  how are objects, peds and other things handled from a synchronization point of view?

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And the object that is spawned in one dimension in RageMP, is it reflected globally and you mitigate this by making it invisible, collisionless or something like that? Or is it just not spawned at all? Because for a furniture system for the interiors that I'm developing can pose some problems with the limit of objects (if they are global). 

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