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is mongodb good for main database?


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Personally, I'm running MongoDB & Mongoose for my server's data. I've used it for web projects in the past, and it tends to be the first thing I reach for to manage persistent data. I don't think it's a bad choice for your server's data.

MongoDB could be considered overkill for a project at the scale of a RageMP gamemode, since some of its features are mainly targeted for scaling a large app, but I dont think there's any harm in using it. If you haven't used it before and aren't familiar with it, but do have experience with SQL databases, then something like PostgreSQL with Sequelize might be a better choice in terms of getting things done faster. If you want to learn MongoDB just to build that knowledge for use in other areas outside of RageMP, then I think a RageMP server is as good a place as any to learn about it.

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I think that using MongoDB as 'main server database' is some risky. MongoDB has too bad performance while using it in full-persistance mode (by design). So, maybe better to use it like second db.

Of course, it's your decision to use or not to use some technologies in your project. Previous comments are right. But if you want to get strict answer, uses MongoDB as _main_ database it's bad idea. PostgreSQL or MySQL will be better. In addition, if you want to persists your JSONs, PostgreSQL provides some features to work with it (json's indexes).

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