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I can't call the event


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Hey. I have some code, example commands that I made are working fine.


I can't get player.call to work. I have no idea why. I'm beginner at node/js, previously I scripted some php but nevermind.


events.js (packages/gamemode/) server-side - is working fine, console is logging

"use strict";

mp.events.add('playerJoin', (player) => {
  console.log('playerJoin called by' + player.name);
  player.call('playerJoinHandler', player); // not working


mp.events.addCommand('veh', (player) => {
  player.call('playerJoinHandler', player);  // working


events.js (client_packages/gamemode/) - not working

"use strict";

mp.events.add('playerJoinHandler', (player) => {
  player.position = (0, 0, 0);


I've spent half a day on it. I don't know that I'm retarded AF or what.


I think few hours ago it was working, but it seemed random so I deleted everything and started from scratch. I guess I've done something wrong, but my commands were working fine. I only can't get playerJoin to work. I can't find answer on the wiki or in example freeroam so I'm asking here for explanation. Thank for ur time.


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1 hour ago, ragempdev said:

Are you sure that your events.js was executed?

It should be because if I gonna call playerJoinHandler from command at serverside, it's working.



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