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Hello everybody.

First i wanted to thanks developpers for all the good work they are doing here. :D

Lot of things in GTA5 are related to Ludendorff and i find it really frustrating that we cant go in this city, plus every landscape can be found in San Andreas (Desert, see, mountains), and the lonely missing landscape is the snowy land (We can find in the east of California on the Sierra)

I wanted to know if it was possible to add Ludendorff in long term on rage:mp (For exemple in east of map near Quary)

Thanks for your time :D


PS : Maybe it would be better to post this topic in question, but i couldnt do it u.u

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I guess it's something that depends on those who run the servers, they can make custom maps. But I think you're able to teleport there too already, just have to know the dimension and coordinates and manually warp there. But upgrading the basic, included trainer would be a really good idea (I'm looking at You, devs.), it should include vehicle and weapon customization, teleport points such as Ludendorff, stat setup and other things a good menu includes.

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Helloooo and thanks for your answer. :D

I thought Rage:MP didnt allow mods (like map mods for exemple), and teleport to Lud' need mod u.u. That why  i was wondering if that was progamable by Rage's dev ^^

But the man pb is Lud' is not fully fonctionnal cause thay are things like weird unvisible wall around the map, so that mean it need some mapper to solve this (Or use already existing mod). I think the city should be displaced (The city is too high xD)

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The RAGE:MP developers won't repair the map, but, a server developer could. (To some degree, with a lot of effort)

However, server developers can load in the Ludendorff area, and teleport players there. That's not an issue. :)

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