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RAGE.Game.Font doesn't support chinese/korean/japanese


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Tried all kinds of font provided by ragemp, all of them don't support SEA language(including simplied/traditional chinese, korean, japanese)

            // Draw the speedometer
            RAGE.Game.UIText.Draw("油耗: ", new Point(1025, 560), 0.5f, Color.White, RAGE.Game.Font.ChaletComprimeCologne, false);
            RAGE.Game.UIText.Draw(totalGas, new Point(1175, 560), 0.5f, Color.White, RAGE.Game.Font.Pricedown, false);
            RAGE.Game.UIText.Draw("里程: ", new Point(1025, 590), 0.5f, Color.White, RAGE.Game.Font.ChaletLondon, false);
            RAGE.Game.UIText.Draw(totalKms, new Point(1175, 590), 0.5f, Color.White, RAGE.Game.Font.ChaletComprimeCologne, false);
            RAGE.Game.UIText.Draw("时速KM/H: ", new Point(1025, 650), 0.5f, Color.White, RAGE.Game.Font.HouseScript, false);
            RAGE.Game.UIText.Draw(speed.ToString(), new Point(1175, 650), 0.75f, Color.White, RAGE.Game.Font.ChaletComprimeCologne, false);
            RAGE.Game.UIText.Draw("Integridad健康: ", new Point(1025, 620), 0.5f, Color.White, RAGE.Game.Font.Monospace, false);





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10 minutes ago, Mondi_DE said:

did you check if the fonts you set contain the chinese characters?

i don't know if you can set your own fonts for 'Rage.Game.Font' maybe you try this or otherwise you will need to use CEF for your GUI


How to set it for Rage.Game.Font? Where can i find it?

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